Guitar Works

By Geo Dell

Guitar Works is a series of guides that demonstrate custom and basic guitar work. Finish, Custom Builds, Repair and much more. I am the owner of a guitar site and a luthier. I have built dozens of my own guitars over the years, either rebuilds, custom jobs or from scratch builds. These guides are constructed from those builds and my own knowledge.

These manuals will provide step by step instruction to guide you to figure out what your needs are for a custom built guitar on a budget. Where to find the parts, how to do the work and more. I will build a custom guitar in my shop. Modify it, wire it, install pickups and more. I will also give tips and pointers as I do the build and fully photograph it.

The Zombie Plagues

This series follows the Zombie Plagues from the stolen vials that start the plagues, to the end results of the release of the contents of those vials. Picking up the pieces of a destroyed civilization. Having the opportunity to begin again, the books follow as the survivors strike out alone, in groups and in different parts of the United States and begin to rebuild civilization the way they see it. Battling the dead rising from death to some new kind of life that includes comprehension, understanding of the place they can occupy in the new world they find themselves in. Not slow, dimwitted monsters incapable of thought: Rather fast, powerful mutants; death crossed with an implausible type of life. Between the dead and the living trying to kill one another, the path to rebuild civilization will be a long, hard one...