Useful FREE Software
These files have been checked for virus. I put them on my own servers so I wouldn't be pointing you at infected files. Please inspect them, virus check them, if you feel the need...

GM Terrain Editor. This is an open source project I use to build my own terrains for use in the RAD Game Maker.

Make Human is an open source software you can use to build characters, dress them, morph body types. If you have seen some of my characters, this is were they come from.

Super Racing is an OGRE based racing game demo. Although a demo, it can easily be customized or completly changed to suit you. Open Source.


Assimp-Model-view-convert.exe450.14 KGM-Terrain-Maker.exe450.18 Kmakehuman-1.1.1-win32.zip324,831 KSuperRacing0.2.137.exe141,581 K